As a restaurant owner, you already have to deal with creating a quality menu, maintaining ambience, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Combined with the typical challenges of operating your own business, this leaves very little time to promote your restaurant to customers. So how do you bring them in? Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

More than 80% of American adults use their smartphones or tablets to find restaurant locations, hours, and directions. If you’re not online, you’re not visible. 

Reasons your restaurant should have a mobile website

  1. Bring in customers
  2. Establish a local brand
  3. Low advertising costs
  4. Stand out among competition
  5. Promote other services

Bring in customers.

Customers are looking for convenience. When they search Google for restaurants in the area, the websites that cater to that convenience get those customers.  They want to know what your hours are, where you are, and what’s on your menu. If you don’t have a website or if your website isn’t up-to-date and mobile-friendly, you will lose their interest. To put it simply: out of site, out of mind. Your business only exists to customers that can see you.

A mobile-friendly website increases visibility and opens the door to first-time customers. It’s also great for engaging with customers, gathering contact info and keeping loyal customers informed about new events, specials, or menu updates. Restaurants that stay connected with their customer base promote regular visits. 

Establish a local brand.

Your restaurant website will help your business build a professional image.  Engage potential customers with your menu and pictures. Showcase your ambience to give customers an idea of what to expect at your establishment. Word-of-mouth and an online presence is the most efficient way to advertise your restaurant. A website is the primary way to assure your customers that you offer an experience they’ll enjoy whether it is their first visit or fiftieth. 

Low advertising costs.

Traditional advertising like print ads and commercials are expensive.  With a website, you can display a virtually unlimited amount of information at a fraction of the cost and be visible 24/7 to anyone with internet access. You can also update your website at no extra cost.

Stand out from the competition.

Your competitors are online, so it makes sense that your restaurant should be, too.  The longer you go without a website, the more your competitors will be taking bites out of your business. Lacking a website or depending solely on a social media page harms your business because customers will have a negative experience associated with your brand when they try unsuccessfully to look your restaurant up. A professionally designed, mobile-friendly website will help persuade customers to choose you over your competitors by offering a convenient and positive experience from the start. From there, you can highlight what sets you apart from your competitors, and make your brand stand out.

Promote other services.

A website gives you added benefit of a platform to promote your other services on. Does your restaurant offer catering, delivery, or other specialties? Let your customers know! A website is the best opportunity to offer those services to potential customers who might otherwise not be aware.

Interested in setting up a website for your restaurant?

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